Hi…my name is Ayan Biswas…I am sure you know that already, as you are in my blog….thanks for spending this time with me..!!..thank you.

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Let me have the privilege to introduce myself…I am based out of Mumbai, India, traveled across India & Globe, primarily for my assignments and leisure trip with friends and family...!!

As my bread earning, I have worked in more than 10 industries both in capacity as an employee of an organization and as an external consultant. The scope of work has been in Marketing and Sales spanning across India and other countries for last 16 years. I am an MBA with an engineering degree as my foundation.

Teaching & Training have been one of my key interest areas which I have started doing since my engineering days…my interaction with students as a teacher now spans for almost 20 years ....I have been teaching engineering students, aspirants of MBA entrance examinations and definitely  management students for last 12 years across different MBA colleges in India...was a paper checker for Marketing Strategy for MBA students of Mumbai University. I vouch a lot of my learning to more than 100 training sessions which I conducted in the domain of Marketing & Sales
The idea of blogging occurred to me so that I can reach out to many more such students and young working marketing & sales professionals who may or may not have formal education in marketing & sales

One big take away from all those years of working and teaching is...there is a large gap between the requirement of Indian corporate and the management theories taught in MBA schools in India. Hence, my efforts have been always to leverage my overall experience & teach my students by integrating academics to practical aspects followed in Indian market. At the same time, I have tried to keep the content simple to understand, easy to implement and more relevant with respect to the corporate sector in India

My pride point… the students of those 20-25 colleges with whom I could share my experience and make them more relevant and ready for the Indian corporate scenario. 

Let me quickly touch upon other things I love to do...

A Road Tripper …got my last car only for the purpose of Road-Trip...!!(Mumbai to Kolkata/ Bangalore/ Hyderabad/ Delhi are few of the last ones in India & Singapore to Kuala Lumpur the last international…approx. 1 million Kilometre covered in last 26 years of driving...just love me by the wheels with never ending roads to conquer...

Love for Animals is everywhere…only the animals vary…but it’s generally tilted towards the new born…except the BIG 7...Big Cats (Lion/Tiger/ Cheetah/Leopard etc), Elephant, Crocodile, Rhinosores, Eagle, Sharks, Whales where the full grown are also admired equally. One distinct & Unique feature that goes with all Animals including humans… they are the biggest brands of the world since times immortal and they will continue to be so forever. Think about a Lion, even people who haven’t even seen a single in their life will be able to pen down their characteristics which will be 95% correct...!!Now that’s what u call a brand…

You can’t ignore Cricket from the life of an Indian...!!...Most love…few Hate…but nobody can ignore it…I love it…

That’s in a nut shell about me…. hope it’s the beginning... let’s discover together…cheers...!!

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